Consumer behaviour on two wheeler auto

We designed the study to get a zoomed-in view on how buyers are now interacting with various media touch-points. The fact that a consumer is aware of a brand does not necessarily mean that it is being considered as a potential purchase.

For instance, the consumer may be aware of certain brands, but not favourably disposed towards them known as the inept set. Sub culture includes nationalities, religions, racial groups and geographic regions.

Overview of Two Wheelers

Demographic factors include income level, psychographics lifestylesage, occupation and socio-economic status. As a result, new substantive knowledge was added to the marketing discipline — including such ideas as opinion leadership, reference groups and brand loyalty.

In fact, the production, sales and exports of the two wheelers is a fair indication of the growing importance that it enjoys in Consumer behaviour on two wheeler auto country's manufacturing economy. Whereas Subculture is a member of a culture, shares most of the core value, beliefs and behaviors of that culture.

The first is Cognitive Psychology which is a study of all knowledge related mental behavior. Today, India is the second largest producer and manufacturer of two wheelers in the world, and stands next only to China in terms of the number of two-wheelers produced and domestic sales respectively.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is based on five levels of needs, organized accordingly to the level of importance. It increased from thousand units in to 3, thousand units in The bikes recently introduced by Bajaj are mostly concerned about youth.

The two other biggest motivators for Indian riders to wear a helmet are enforcement by state authorities 16 percent admitted they wear a helmet to avoid fines and family insistence due to family pressure another 16 percent wear a helmet. A fast […] Introduction to Two wheeler Industry Two-wheelers are one of the most versatile forms of transportation.

Insales were around 0. At the first instance, we can feel that whatever consumer is telling may be perceived as correct but actually he may not act otherwise.

Role in the Society Each individual plays a dual role in the society depending on the group he belongs to. Unsurprisingly, mobile is playing a key influencer in the entire journey.

It is the degree of influence that an individual exerts on the behavior of others. A good 55 percent of riders risk their lives by not wearing a helmet when they are riding pillion.

The recession ofgave way for a decline in the sales numbers. Hypothesis generation, exposure of evidence, encoding of evidence and integration of evidence.

Practically, all the global giants have been present in India for quite some time.

Digital world changing consumer behaviour in cars, 2wheelers industries

Social theory suggests that individuals have both a personal identity and a social identity. The industry was deregulated, with several reforms to make Indian exports competitive.

5 Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour | Explained

An individual entering into marriage would be more interested in buying a house, car, household items, furniture and so on. Competition Analysis Royal Enfield is bound to take up the elite class Brands like Bajaj and Yamaha tried to enter the segment with their cruiser bikes like Avenger and Enticer respectively.

The production was controlled by the government with licensing, to meter the number of units being produced in the plants. When an individual gets married and starts a family, most of his buying decisions are taken by the entire family.

History of Two wheeler industry in India The Indian two-wheeler industry since its beginning, has evolved many folds in technology and, in the numbers being manufactured and produced. Further, the new and improved features on the two wheelers, their stylish and trendy looks and a rage with the country's youth who form a substantial influence in determining the consumer behavior have ensured that the two wheelers remain on top of the automobile industry's agenda in India.

Throughout the entire process, the consumer engages in a series of mental evaluations of alternatives, searching for the best value. Related products The purchase of one product may trigger the need for accessories, spare parts or complementary goods and services e. The aim of the information search is to identify a list of options that represent realistic purchase options.

The economic growth, need for better conveyance and gradually improving road infrastructure coupled with better credit and financing options, have acted as a major catalyst in encouraging the growth and development of the two wheeler segment in India.

So, they should also consider middle-aged people while manufacturing. It consists of three segment viz. Men seek technical assistance, while women seek clear communication of offers during a purchase. The consumer's attitude to a brand or brand preference is described as a link between the brand and a purchase motivation.



Martin Jayaraj*1 1Asst. Prof, Dept. of Management Studies and Research, Karpagam University, Coimbatore, India. ABSTRACT Consumer behaviour is the study of when, why, how, and where people do or do not buy a.

This book highlights the consumer buying behaviour for durables is worth studying due to inherent complex factors involved. The two-wheeler market is expanding day by day with different. If we consider recent results, the second biggest two-wheeler manufacturer, Bajaj Auto registered a 16% increase in sales during the month of August with overall sales of lakh units as against lakh units during the corresponding period ofas reported in degisiktatlar.com5/5(4).

Consumer Behaviour is defined A very important Objective of the Project Study is to Know Buyer Behaviour in selection of a two-wheeler thus the project. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.

Consumer Behaviour Regarding Two Wheeler (Automobiles Industry) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Consumer behaviour on two wheeler auto
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Two Wheelers Overview, Market Share of Motorcycles and Scooter Segment